My name is Oscar Mårtensson, I’m an embedded software developer living in Stockholm, Sweden. This is my personal site where I share my work and thoughts on game programming, as well as other programming related things I’ve done. One of my big passions in life is playing and making computer games. During my spare time I especially enjoy digging into things related to game engine programming such as graphics, physics and optimization. Before I started working in Stockholm I studied at Lund University, where I received a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics.

Beside my full-time job I’ve been attending courses over the past two years that will aid me in game programming, such as Artifical Intelligence for Game Programming, Introduction to Game Development, Introduction to C++, and Object Oriented C++.

To see some of my work, check out the Games and Other projects sections. Also, be sure to check out my Github page for code samples for various projects.

E-mail: oscar.mattias.martensson@hotmail.com


Link to CV