Site is up!

Site is finally up! I’ve been meaning to create a web-page where I post things related to game programming and showcase my own projects for a long time, but now it’s finally here. As a person finding it hard to do things sub-optimal (and who don’t like to pay too much), I had a real hard time deciding what type of page I would make, create a free page, and if not, how much it would cost, etc. I guess there is some truth to Nike’s slogan “Just do it!” after all.

The idea is to kick off by posting things related to some of my past projects and work my way towards current ones. I can shut your expectations down right away and reveal that it won’t be rocket science in terms of complexity, but mostly something a beginner would enjoy. As time passes the posts should increase in complexity, as (hopefully) my skills improve. Either way, I’m hoping it will be interesting reads!